Shocking story

We’ve just heard from someone that has requested to rename anonymous, they saw a website, that pertained to help people buying titles, and talked about the dangers of fake titles.

So far so good.. but then it got worse..

It turns out the person running the site, has other motives, and pretends that there is only one company in the UK that sells titles legally.. (in what industry is that ever the case!.. none.. a sure sign of concern in our view).

Well the caller was told to contact the other firm, told his friend had been conned (without knowing any information) and treated in our view remarkably rudely.

When he rang the company recommended he got no answers multiple times.. was told this wasn’t normal.. but we found the same to happen to us.. and when he contacted them using the contact form they have.. he got a rude reply..

So much for the honesty of the system and of people with “titles”..

Lesson.. do your research

Don’t believe everything you read, even if it looks real. Often people have relationships that aren’t public, and are not transparent.

Worse.. they deliberately mislead.

I’ve had to leave of certain legal details as the customer is going to sue the website pretending to offer advice on fake titles and the company that tried to conned him.

We have helped him secure a title through one of our sponsors that he is very happy with, and which he’s actually had offers on already.

Keep your wits about you, but be open to being helped.

Trust your instincts