How do you know if a title is legitimate?

We often get asked How do you know if a title is legitimate?

It’s difficult unless you work with people with experience that you can trust (companies like Lordships and Nobility our sponsors)

There is not one global registar as there is for things like domain names or Cars. We are in talks about setting one up more details coming soon.

However there are historic documentation records some going back hundreds of years, others thousands.

Clearly Royal Titles have a very publc lineage, others were the result of land plots being divided up.

There are checks (over ten checks) that we feel make a good start.

Please contact  Lordships and Nobility to find out what these checklists are and how you can benefit from them




Titles for Sale

There is a new website we know is being built to help people with buying a title. It’s called


It’s refreshing to find professional people acting normally and helpfully.

You’re going to get a great result if the people you deal with are professional and helpful.

Can you get real value for <£100

We were asked about adverts like, “Genuine Lordship or Ladyship title with land in England – £18.95″

Do you think that has real value?

Can you buy a penthouse flat in London for £20?

Can you even buy your partner dinner for £20?

So, do you think there is real value for your business and life in something that costs £20?