Manorial Society of Great Britain – Buying A Title

Manorial Society of Great Britain

Is it possible that this organization run by Robert Smith came into being out of the ashes of Mr. Smith’s old company Manorial research that went bust in 1989 owing over a million in depts. (from the research we’ve found)

He reemerged calling himself “The Manorial Society of Great Britain “Founded 1906” but it seems that The Manorial Society that Robert Smith runs was started in 1996 according to company’s house.

It seems that the original Manorial Society was a Parliamentary Pressure Group [nothing to do with selling Titles].

Anecdotal Quote:

A “WHOPPER” here in England; in America I’m told it’s the name of a burger. In London it’s called a “PORKY PIE” which is Cockney rime and slang. – Anon


Robert Smith runs Auctions of Titles up and down England we believe.

Warning Note:

If an auctioneer runs up the bidding so you pay more for your Title; whilst this practice is illegal in Scotland, America, Canada and most of the world it is not illegal in England and Wales. We don’t know if this is what happens, but people may be paying more than market value at an Auction if this were to happen.

There are some companies on the Internet that do sell genuine Titles, like Lordships of the Manor, German Barons & Counts all Legal and above board

I started out wanting to buy a Title for Business and personal use, to upgrade my status and standing, I had no idea that through my investigations there would be enough material for a book. I’d call it ‘Feudal Fighting’, it sounds like a winner.

Good Luck Title hunting and Buying A Title


This information is available in the Public domain and for the Public’s interest as a quick guide to “BUYING A TITLE

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