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Buying a Title

Buying a title for business or personal reasons is a bit of a mine field.

The purpose of this website is to explain simply what’s available, legal and who is offering what.

Types of Titles Available

  1. Change of name deed or Title Deed Poll from £14
    [Legal Loophole where you change your first name to Lord etc..]
  2. Landed or Seated Titles (Souvenir Land plots, Not real titles but fun) From £1,000
    [ Legal loophole of souvenir plots of Land sold with a Deed Poll]
  3. Genuine English Lordships of the Manor from £1,400
    [Genuine Title based on Feudal/Manorial Law]
  4. Genuine English “Royal Lordships of the Manor” from £3,000
    [Genuine Title based on Feudal/Manorial Law]
  5. Genuine Scottish Baronies From £20,000
    [Genuine Title based on Feudal Law]
  6. Genuine European German Counts Titles from £33,000
    [Genuine Title based on Granted Nobility}


Firstly there is a website called faketitles.com run by Lord Bradford (English Peer) he inherited his Title from his father. He appears to name and shame sellers of “Faketitles”,

However his whole website appears to steer the reader into believing that the only legal Title is a Scottish Barony (untrue).

If you phone Lord Bradford he will recommend a company that will sell you a Scottish Barony for prices which based on our research our well above (nearly double) market value. (correct as at Q2 2011)

This could make someone wonder about the purpose of his whole website, he has certainly gone to a lot of expense on this website that does not appear to sell anything.

Is this something a truly independent person would be bothered to do?

I investigated the companies that he was shaming.

The majority of companies seem to sell a “Legal Loophole Title” a TITLE DEED POLL – renaming your first name to Lord, Baron, Count etc..

This is Legal, whilst I agree with Lord Bradford that it is not a Peerage like his Title, and it is not a proper ‘Lordship of the Manor’, it is a cheap and cheerful Title of sorts ranging from £15-£295, we can’t all afford Rolls Royces can we.
Calling them Fake is a little harsh, imitation Titles or faux Titles might be kinder.

I have spoken to some of these companies who seem aggrieved that Lord Bradford has become his own ISP (and in fact I believe some may have or be in the process of taking legal action). (We were told that him being his own ISP meant that the companies have no regress against what he publishes against them, but we don’t know that for a fact. If true, it does seem a little unusual.)

The owner of the company Lord Bradford recommends told me that he pays commissions for a referrals (“We always pay £1000 commission” and “We are the only company selling legal titles”) and that they start at £65k, plus his 10%, and confirmed that he knew Lord Bradford.

What Genuine Titles are Available? 

Lordships of the Manor

Lord Bradford says: “The fact is that there are only two forms of genuine titles that you can buy and use legitimately: a Lordship of the Manor, which does not actually give you a title but enables you to put after your name, Lord of the Manor of Lower Piddling-in-the-Trough or some such place, or a Scottish Feudal Barony”.

Whilst we agree that there are only two real forms of Titles in the U.K (United Kingdom) there are European Titles available as well:

Lordships of the Manor (U.K)

Lordships of the Manor fall into 3 categories

1. Single Lordships,

2. Overlordships known as “Perscriptive Baronies”

3. Honour Lordships.

If they were once held by a King or Queen they are often referred to as “ROYAL LORDSHIPS”.

Scottish Baronies

Scottish Baronies have always been expensive from £40,000+, however, they were downgraded in 2004 with the Feudal Abolition, on 28 November 2004 the Abolition of Feudal Tenure (Scotland) Act 2000 came into full force and effect, putting an end to Scotland’s feudal system.

Under Scots law, a Scottish Prescriptive Barony by Tenure is now “incorporeal feudal heritage”, not attached to the land and remains the only genuine, prescriptive, degree of title of UK nobility capable of being bought and sold – since under Section 63(1) of the Act, the dignity of Baron is preserved after the abolition of the feudal system.

They should have become cheaper as they are now the same as an English ‘Lordship of the Manor’, but the people selling them are keeping the prices high, it seems.

These market value we were offered by “traders” of the Scottish Baronies should be £5,000-£20,000 (ie for them to buy)

Is it possible that there is price fixing going on?

We don’t know.


German Barons & Count Titles are genuine Titles that you can adopt and use legally.


This information is available in the Public domain and for the Public’s interest as a quick guide to “BUYING A TITLE

I wrote this to stop the mis-information on the internet, and to publicly advertise my company’s services of Web-Domination and front Page Organic listing through Ethical Web Marketing. If you can afford a real Lordship or Baron Title chances are you have a company and a website, well, I’m the guy to market your company on the web. I’m happy to advertise your company on here as well if you want.

If you have a business or Personal website that you would like Marketed on the Internet feel Free to Contact me.


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  1. I have removed my telephone number from the Fake Titles website so that I cannot be telephoned any longer by people trying to find out where they can buy a title.

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