Buying a Title

So, you’ve decided to buy a title.

Maybe you want the perks.

Maybe you want the business benefits

Maybe you want to impress a partner

Maybe you want to get back your heritage and your birthright

Maybe it was just for fun

Whatever you’re reason, you’ve decided to buy a title.

Well congratulations on your choice.

Now the question is what do you want to buy?

Here I’d recommend talking to a real expert who can give you honest advice.

We do recommend and (who you’ll see featured in the right sidebar as our advertisers)

they are reputable businessmen, that operate with real solicitors and answer the phone.

I’ve been shocked as I did the research before building this website, at how many people run businesses that are nothing more than shams.

Do you know how you can tell a real title from a fake tilte?

Do you know about the land, hunting and fishing rights?

Do you know about whether you can pass it on to your son or daughter?

Do you know how to use it to get legally your credit card / banking details equipped with your new title?

I can say now that we do, after speaking with the teams behind We do recommend and

Other sites which legally I can not name, simply pretended one thing to us, not mentioning about the commission they were being paid, and tried to sell a title valued at £50k for over £250k.

It’s companies that work unethically that make this very tricky for some, so we’re glad you’ve come to this website.

At the end of the day it’s like trading domain names or anything of property. There are people that are real experts and there are amateurs. And because of the size of the market it does attract some people of a less than ethical nature.

However like with antiques, over time you can educate yourself and be in the right position to buy your title. We love the idea of being a Lord and the look on the faces of friends and business contacts has been priceless.

We’ll give your more tips in future articles

Till then.. We do recommend and


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